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This is my Story

When I was 28 Years

Joined a castings exporters in Kolkata as Export Manager.

Wasted 2 Years in Research

Eager to grow export of my products, I started my research, visited Export Promotion Councils, ITPO, Embassies, Ports, Custom House Agents, purchased multiple directories and what not.. All this wasted 2 precious years.

My First Lesson

To grow, you need Professional and strategic information. Free and cheap information only leads to wastage of time and opportunities.

Fly by Night Operators

I realized the desperate need of professional and reliable agencies. Companies that I worked with either vanished or provided unreliable information.

Founded Infodrive in 1996

Overpowered by the need and inspired by the power of internet, I started Infodriveindia.com, an online data download platform and Eximguru.com, a free exim encyclopedia.

It was a Super Success..

I had clients all over the world with more than 2 lakh visitors every month. Infodrive India soon became a global brand.

Only 8 Ports Released Information..

That too after a time lag of 3 months. Stale information was not helpful and did not serve the purpose.

Lobbied Govt..

I then began a long struggle for data reforms, formed an association and lobbied and petitioned government and filed court cases for release of information from all ports on real-time basis.

110 Ports with 3 days Time Lag

Finally after 18 years of struggle by Jan 2014 …succeeded in getting 110 ports in India releasing information with a time lag of just 3 days.

Did I Do a Good Job..?

I interviewed 2000 clients and discovered it was not enough.. only 10% clients were able to increase their profits. Most users did not have the team, time, tools and conviction to use the information methodically and consistently.

Volza - Profitable Direction, More Than Just Data.

Become India marketing partner for volza , a US based big data specialistin export import analytics.

Plan or Perish

With an experience of 24 years with my clients I decided to give back to the exporter importer community and authored the book Plan or Perish, that talks about the 7-core growth strategies and 24 success stories.

Who is Raakesh Saraff ?