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We are delighted to announce that InfodriveIndia Pvt Ltd has been Great Place to Work – Certified™. It is our first step in the journey to build a High – Trust, High – Performance Culture which we have successfully accomplished. Many more milestones to achieve…

We are a group 180 passionate, collaborative, and energetic smart professionals granted with a great opportunity to work with the most trusted competitive intelligence providing organisation. We have a strong vision for the future and aggressive growth plans. Here, learning curve is steep, work is exhilarating and career potential is infinite.

We need smart, innovative thinkers who aspire incredible things and value teamwork.

Be a part of the fast-growing team to collectively achieve outstanding goals.
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We have a unique work environment where you enjoy a constant support and positive energy from the top management. Our entrepreneurial setting entitles you to responsibility, ownership and accountability at early stage of career. There is a clear progression path and yet a freedom to choose the roles most suitable to your skills and competencies. Early appraisals and leadership opportunities would come to you based on your performance and not tenure. We are proud of the amazing growth stories that people have created within the organisation. We are always elated to appreciate a job well done. Our team enjoys monthly pats on the back in the form of exciting rewards and recognition. We have an unapparelled environment where you work and synergise with friends and not colleagues.

Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Commitment, Passion, Technology, Innovation & Leadership Resonate Infodrive India Culture.

We take pride in our diverse team with a healthy balance of gender ratio. Our workplace focuses on your abilities, performance, and well-being with no bias. Our female employees are seen smiling confidently and enjoying all due deserved support from the management in a completely safe and secure environment. An invigorating young energy from the millennial brains flows through the organisation with the mentorship of seasoned professionals who have stayed with the organisation right from its initial days. Culture of trust, integrity, mutual respect and collaboration strengthens the root of our team with one dream.

Glimpse Of Infodrive

5 to 10 years celebration, Rewards & Recognition, Buddies Club-CSR Responsibilities

We believe in creating great experiences for our employees every day, so they don’t keep their heart at home before coming to work. Hence, our infrastructure is created keeping fun, learning, and work in mind, offering great amenities. Spread over 24000 sq. feet, our newly constructed office building steers our organisation towards a better future.

We have an in-house cafeteria that offers fresh and healthy food. We appreciate our diligent team’s work through the day and make sure they get revitalised, for which we have modern day break out zones and indoor games too. Creating unique experiences at all fronts, our cafeteria is an all-in-one system where we conduct some amazing workshops, monthly townhall meetings and have frolicsome in-house parties.

Here you get to work with highly talented group of people within and outside organisation. You get the advantage of handling diverse group of clients from SMEs to top notch companies and global business model imparts valuable understanding of international businesses.

Infodriveindia welcomes all new joiners with a meticulously designed induction program and product training. It helps in alignment with the organisation’s vision, mission and values, and setting the foundation for value-driven culturally integrated employees. With a sharp focus on improving employee skills & strength, we have a framework of robust inhouse and sponsored trainings creating an accelerated learning environment.

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